Husband-wife duo, crushing on each other since birth.

Husband-wife duo, crushing on each other since birth.

Jordan Raycroft Danielle Raycroft Woman of My Dreams

Woman of My Dreams (2016)

"I began writing "Woman of My Dreams" the day I found out Danielle was single (July 9th, 2015). I was in Kolkata, India, and we had not spoken in nearly three years. I was talking to my father over FaceTime when he told me that she had broken up with her then boyfriend. I was absolutely over the moon! After the call, I grabbed my guitar, and sang the words, 'the woman of my dreams is gonna be my wife.' Growing up, I always had this feeling that I was going to marry Danielle someday - now things were finally coming together! Very impatiently, I waited seven days to call her after I had heard the news. It didn't take long after our first call for me to show her what I had written. I initially thought we could write the song as a duet, and asked her to write some lyrics for what would have been her part. Danielle ended up writing the second chorus of the song, which I later let on that I was having trouble finishing. Unbeknownst to her, I had been hard at work drafting lyrics and melodies to create the perfect song to propose to her with. On December 19th, 2015, the Woman of My Dreams said, 'yes!'"

-The Luckiest Man on Earth, Mr. Raycroft

Dream House Sessions Jordan Raycroft 

Dream House Sessions (2015)

Ero Cras Raycroft Jordan Raycroft

Ero Cras (2014)